Online File Storage & HIPAA - The Safe Way to Protect Your Transcripts , Audio Files , and Data

Online file storage is the simplest and safest way to share and protect your data. With the use of FTP or File Transfer Protocol, your files, no matter how large, are uploaded, stored, protected, and safely shared with your designated users.
FTP is a technology that has been around for a long time which means it is established, widely accepted around the world, and it is secure. FTP online file storage means your data is safe. It means you, or anyone you specify as a user, can access the files from anywhere. This makes accessing important files safe and easy.
While FTP online file storage is the first step to ultimate security, HIPAA Compliance is an extra step to protect your data.
What is HIPAA?
HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. It was created to establish a set of national standards for the protection of certain health information. What does health information have to do with FTP online file storage? HIPAA compliance assures a business that company practices and procedures have been put into place within the online file storage provider to ensure that all files and documentation is protected and the ultimate privacy is ensured.
HIPAA has established an extensive protocol to ensure compliance. HIPAA compliant providers offer businesses an established set of guidelines and rules which ensure ultimate privacy and security.
When an online file storage service is HIPAA compliant your data benefits from:
Integrity - Data integrity means the quality of correctness, completeness, wholeness, soundness and compliance with the intention of the creators of the data. It is achieved by preventing accidental or deliberate but unauthorized insertion, modification or destruction of data in a database. Data integrity is one of the six fundamental components of information security.
Availability - All files, regardless of their content or size, must be available to the account holder at all times. This means if you want to access your files from a laptop in Zimbabwe in the middle of the night then you can. If you need to access them from your workplace, from your living room couch, or from the coffee shop down the street, you can.
Confidentiality - All files, regardless of their content and nature, are 100% confidential. That means the only person who has access to them is the account holder and any designated users. Each user, in order to be secure, must be given a password and a logon.
There are a number of online storage services available however they are not all created equal. It is important to find online file storage providers or FTP site hosting services which offer basic protections in addition to HIPAA compliance. A few of the HIPAA Compliant FTP sites are and . The best way to find a HIPAA compliant FTP store site is to do a GOOGLE search on "HIPAA Compliant FTP Site."
When researching providers, the questions to ask are - What steps do they take to ensure that stored data is kept confidential, available, and that the integrity of the data is maintained? Do they have policies in place that are sufficient to fulfill your business needs? Finally, what steps do they take to ensure network reliability and security?
Your data is important to you, your customers, partners, associates and to your storage provider. Taking the step to find a provider that takes every precaution necessary, including HIPAA compliance, is the best thing you can do for your company.
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Joseph Goldrich is a Software Engineer with FTPfast .
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